We are well known in the region for excellent automobile works. Team of experts offer you with wide range of satisfactory services in our service center. We carry out the following jobs but not limited to;

  1. Vehicle inspection and servicing
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Lube change, oil filter change
    • Top up gear differential oil, automatic transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, wind screen water
    • Under chassis inspection and grease fill up
    • Tire changes, wheel alignment, tire air pressure
  2. Car wash services
    • Normal wash: Vehicle wash is done using high pressure and foaming soap among other tools.
    • Jack wash: Vehicle exterior full wash on jack using high pressure and foaming soap among other tools and
      interiors vacuum clean.
    • Sparkling: In addition to jack wash, cleaning engine from dust & oil. Dash board area, steering wheel, screen
      and doors polish. Tires polish.
    • Detailing: Extremely thru cleansing using quality products and best techniques, removing scratches, coating
      car exterior with protecting wax, tire shining to restore original shine.
    • Diamond: Perfect detailing, floor mats & seat covers replace, perfume service.
  3. Dents repair and painting
  4. Auto mechanical works and AC maintenance
    • Breaks and mechanical works
    • Batteries and electrical works
    • Engine transmission repair or replacement works
    • AC maintenance works

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